Logistics solutions evolving with your needs


Etymology of the word

The word "LOGISTICS"  comes from the Greek "Logikos"  that means "having a logical sense", deriving in turn from "Logos" that means "word" or "order". These terms are essential elements for the management of the supply chain in every company that wants to compete in the global market.


Personalised services

Our Company can offer a range of higly personalised services based on the real needs of the client. We manage the whole logistics process of transports and shipments in support of the supply chain.


Management, storage and distribution

We offer a service of intermediary activities for the management, storage and distribution of the goods. We can support all operations of receiving, put-away, storage, picking and shipping.


Warehouse policy

Our storage system is mainly based on block stacking with the possibility for both policies L.I.F.O. and F.I.FO. We can stock every kind of unit load as full pallet load, cut pallet load, mixed pallet load, ibc, coils and outsize pallets.

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